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Water is Life – TPP GoFundMe Seed Funding film – 17th Nov.2019


Seed Funding

Producer Jaya Khoobsurat (Tyrian Pearl Productions – ‘TPP’) is seeking SEED-FUNDING (INITIAL FUNDING) to cover pre-production research & filming, basic wages and travel needs (NSW, VIC, SA, QLD & NT) during the next few months of development.

All patrons will receive film credits – and we are seeking long-term sponsors for the beginning to end of this project, at TPP discretion. This is a legit endeavor, backed by Broken Hill Art Exchange and Glenelg Artists Gallery, both organizations of highest of integrity.

Any company who wishes to sponsor, will need to let TPP do this work unhindered with carefully selected production crew working to fulfill the research and filming; but sponsors have Producer Jaya Khoobsurat’s assurance they will receive full acknowledgment in correspondence, credits, and distribution (any marketing we need to do to get the film completed and out to the public).


Community support for TPP’s Film Production services (writing, filming, editing, pre-production) for four months (mid-November 2019 to the end of February 2020)

  • $20,000

Travel & accommodation for the next three months for TPP Cast & Crew

  • $5,000

Jaya has great need to upgrade her computer world to work on this doc (at very least, one large screen to save her eyes during long hours of edit; and, if additional funds are raised, a 27″iMac); plus two external hard-drives

  • $5,500

Hire of gear, and insurances for gear and public indemnity

  • $1000

Hire of key film creatives & crew

  • $28,500


$60,000 goal
TARGET GOAL END DATE:  December 30th 2019

When people ask me if I can do it cheaper?

At this early stage, if anyone wants to donate to Tyrian Pearl Productions (ABN. 609 819 585 69) directly into TPP bank account so funds can be accessed immediately for daily living, travel & accommodation expenses (as GFM takes 7-days to release funds), here are TPP’s bank account details:

TWO ways to donate:

Use your NAME with the letters, GFM-Bbng


Bendigo Bank
Tyrian Pearl Productions
BSB: 633-000
Ac# 161 036 512

Producer Jaya will then add your name & donation manually for the GoFundMe records.

GoFundMe via Credit card (which takes 7 days before it can be accessed)

Thank you in advance, sincerely – Jaya Khoobsurat (Producer)

©2019 Tyrian Pearl Productions. All rights reserved.

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